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Welcome to Wisdom Dome, a place where dreams are turned into reality. Have you ever wondered why many dreams and visions are truncated or terminated prematurely? Considering the inundation of knowledge in the world today, what do you think is responsible for the inability of men to translate this knowledge into practical solutions to the world’s problems? Here at Wisdom Dome, we believe the missing piece in the puzzle is wisdom, which simply means the right application of knowledge acquired through life experiences and research.

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.” – Proverbs 4:7

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At Wisdom Dome, we recognize the fact that there are abundance of knowledge-based articles online already but our main focus is to teach principles of wisdom and share great lessons from various life experiences, parables and stories with the goal of edifying the mind of our readers. Our belief is that God is the author of true wisdomand so we depend on Him for inspiration for all articles shared on this platform. Wisdom Dome is not a church or religious movement but an online voice calling out to all men to seek wisdom and embrace understanding. As you explore the pages of this blog, we hope that you experience personal growth and development in all spheres of life.

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